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The Blasters @ El Corazon, Dec 20, 2013

This Blasters set was captured at the El Corazon in Seattle from the December 2013 Xmas Family Values Tour with X, including a version of "Jackson" featuring Exene.

The Blasters perform "Dark Night" live in Napa - December 15, 2015

In 2015 the Blasters played in downtown Napa, CA, the home of ArtistWorks, who also captured the show on video. Here's a clip of our performance of the Blaster blues-rock classic "Dark Night" (featured on the soundtrack of Quentin Tarentino's film "From Dusk Til Dawn").

The Blasters - Max Bangwell Benefit - One Bad Stud

Here’s a version of the usual Blasters set-closer “One Bad Stud” from a benefit for LA drummer Max Bangwell.

The Blasters - Cryin’ for my baby

A version of Junior Parker’s “Cryin’ for my Baby” from a 2006 Blasters show in Zaragoza, Spain.

Keith Wyatt & Pete Anderson at MI Reunion

This is a version of Little Walter’s “Blues with a Feeling” from an MI reunion concert a few years back with fellow grads Pete Anderson (guitar), Alexis Sklarevski (bass) and Gary Hess (drums); fuzzy video and sound, but a memorable night.

Lonesome Whistle Blues {Keith Wyatt}

From a weekly guitar-centric event called “Guitarology” that was held a couple of years ago at a small club near LAX: a great opportunity to just play and have fun with the guitar. The tune is “Lonesome Whistle Blues” by Freddie King.

Keith Wyatt - Crossroads (Cream cover)

Going back more than a few years to my blues-rock roots with a transcription/cover (approximate lyrics…) of “Crossroads,” Cream’s own version of Robert Johnson’s “Cross Road Blues” with John Humphrey (bass) and Tom Panos (drums).

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